We are willing to share our tons of experience, gained through working and networking globally for more than 25 years.

Gold Fish Fund is venture capital firm which focuses on opportunities in Frontier Markets. We invest in early stage start-ups with great products and teams striding to build world-class companies.

Gold Fish Fund is a network of successful European and African entrepreneurs who acquired and proved their competence by setting up and implementing own companies and did successful exits. The team of professionals with leading global practices shares 25 years of experience in various business sectors in more than 18 countries globally. Priority of Gold Fish Fund is disruptive e-commerce and mobile first projects.

To discover Frontier Markets and its potential – this is the vision we stand for. We see it as modern, dynamic and growing continent, where the scale of well-being will certainly rise rapidly. We want and will contribute to this by being a part of this.


We look for disruptive ideas, strong leaders and their teams with passion, commitment and deep understanding of Frontier Markets problems and people needs which can be addressed through mobile and internet technology.


Since 2011 Gold Fish Fund related projects and businesses demolish the walls between continents, countries and regions.

17 projects implemented and still under the vast development in Europe. Part of those were successfully sold.

8 business areas are among the projects, maintained via Gold Fish Fund and partners. Most of them are related to E-commerce. The key to success is the proficiency gathered developing prosperous projects in the areas of security, retail, food, restaurants chains, beauty, entertainment, marketplaces and e-commerce.

20 countries Gold Fish Fund had developed projects in. Among those – Iran, Saudi Arabia, RSA, Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya, Zimbabwe, Tanzania, Uganda in Africa, also Spain, Germany, Belgium, Holland, Ukraine, Finland, Romania, Poland, Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia in Europe.

Around 1.893.000.000 potential customers live in the markets Gold Fish Fund is active.