PIGU Group

Pigu Group is the leading e-commerce retailer in the Central Europe.
Named as the fastest growing technology company in Central Europe by Deloitte in 2015.  “An achievement of the company Pigu can be described as impressive ‒ in a growing, but highly competitive e-commerce market a large company managed to grow much faster than a majority of competitors. This success proves that even large companies are able to adapt in a flexible way to the market changes and growing needs by gathering a strong management team when implementing a stated strategy and meeting its objectives”, commented Mr Stalenis, Director of the Business Advisory department of Deloitte.

 “We are proud that we are the very first Lithuanian company, which was evaluated in Big 5 category for the fastest growth in the region” – says CEO Dainius Liulys  from Pigu.lt. “This award proves that our strategy to convert offline buyers to online and to become first destination for e-customers is working and bringing excellent results” – he adds.